Today is Pi Day

That means it's time for some abject nerditry.  I will start knitting a Pi scarf today, because if you write the day and time the right way, the digits are the same as the ones for Pi (3.141592653....)

The scarf will have three colors, because that is the closest integer to Pi.  I will knit 3 rows of the 1st color, one of the second color, four of the next color, etc, etc - until I have an irrationally long scarf, or I run out of yarn, whichever comes first.

I wanted to make this post today at exactly 9:26:53, but Blogger won't let you be that specific.  Oh, it lets you set the time to show the seconds, but you can't actually use them.

Over on Ravelry, I have my Pi Scarf project all Queued up, and plan to start that project at the right time, with the help of time.gov and command-shift-3.

Update:  Ravelry Project Link

Update #2:  Had some false starts, so not as far along as I hoped.