Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I am TigerBeatle, although that is not my real name. It is a combo of those voracious little predators, tiger beetles (Cicindela) and a really great band from the ‘60s.

I am a total noob at this blogging thing, so if I make any egregious errors, please let me know. The main one I anticipate making is taking too long between posts. I suppose that won’t matter much if nobody’s reading this. But, fair warning.

I like to grow things and make things and learn new skills, but mostly I just think about all that (and buy supplies) letting all kinds of time pass without getting anything done. This blog is my latest attempt to spur myself into action. I wish I was more artistic, but I guess I will have to accept being craftistic instead.

The name comes from my sister, when she was very young (five, maybe). She was trying to say some cookies or something were made from scratch- but she got mixed up and said itch instead. Well, we all thought that was cute and funny, so it became part of the family vernacular for a while. I thought it was a good name for a cooking/craft blog.

My intention is that this blog will cover some recipes and other kitchen experiments, craft projects of many different kinds, and some gardening stuff, and whatever else I can think of. I am not an expert in anything (unless you consider procrastination and inertia valuable skills) but maybe if a doofus like me can figure out how to make stuff, everyone will realize they can do it to.


I can't seem to comment on this post, so I'll answer Mr.P here:

They looked more psychodelic than rainbow, to me.  I had a hard time getting the layers even-the one I photographed didn't get enough purple or blue.  Apparently the profanities I expressed had no effect on them at all.

But I think the party atmosphere was achieved.

Looking innocent

Colors revealed